A Day In The Life Of A Horse Volunteer

This morning I woke up with the worst pain in my legs and thighs and it didn't take me long to realize where the pain came from. Yesterdays horseback riding lesson. Now I haven't ridden a horse for who knows who long, around 3 years maybe? And because of my lack of riding I had forgotten how much it can hurt when you wake up the next morning feeling like you've been pulled in all sorts of directions at once. Ouch. So getting up this morning was defiantly a challenge for me but when I finally had managed to gracefully pull myself out of bed I set off to the shower to get fresh and ready for the day.

When I arrived at the stables, which was shortly after I had showered and eaten my breakfast, I already sort of knew the plan for the day. Unfortunately there wouldn't be much riding for me but I was ok with that considering that my legs were killing me. Instead I would be helping groom and saddle the horses for the fun day at the Horse Protection/Rescue Centre up the road. To say "Thank you" to the staff that worked there who let the place I volunteer at use their riding arena there had been a fun day planned for them. Because the people work at a Rescue Centre are more focused on getting the horses up to 100% health, they usually don't get to ride the horses. So this was a nice treat for them.
I spent most of the morning brushing and saddling up the horses that would be used. Then I rode a horse named Vince up to the Rescue Centre. The rest of my day consisted of helping out with moving the horses and having a lovely lunch that was provided by the centre.

After riding Vince back to the stables after a long and tiring day. I helped clean some of the horses and then came home.  Then got ready to go to a zumba dance class to get some exercise. Which surprisingly helped with my soreness from earlier in the day.

Overall I feel as if I've had an accomplished day. Defiantly worn me out though. I'll be helping out a bit more soon and I'll try to get some pictures or facts about horses or something. I wouldn't want to bore you too much with the tales of my day.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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