Back In Time

Today I went back in time.

Not literarily although that would be pretty awesome. A quick trip in the TARDIS backwards or forwards in time? Yes please.

So the reason that I supposedly "went back in time" today was because my grandma took me back to the house that I spent the first three years of my life in. And it was actually pretty amazing. I have no memories of ever living there, so to see the house that I lived in quite a while ago, was strange. It was like I was seeing it for the very first time. Even though I had lived there before. Is that weird?
I also got to see around the town where my old house was situated which was also really cool. And as my grandma was driving around, she told me little facts about what I used to do and where I used to go to have fun, when I lived there before.

This was my old house. I was told the fence at the side was put in place by my parents to stop me from escaping or wandering into the road. Oh the memories....

After a little trip down memory lane with both of my grandparents we went to go and grab a bite to eat. Stopping at the Garden Centre we placed in our orders of food at the café. I ordered a chicken club sandwich and some carrot soup. Which I would would have taken a picture of to show you just how delicious it looked and was, had I not started eating it and then remembered to have taken the picture. Smart Aimee, smart.

We had a nice look around the garden centre. Then just before we left I spotted something that I knew I would juts have to take home with me.


No name the guinea pig.

I haven't found a good name for him yet. I thought of names like Charlie, Percy, and Pip but I'm not sure.... He started out as a girl and I thought that Pippa would be a good name but now he's a guy I don't feel as if that would be very appropriate.
Anyway the best thing about no name is that he doesn't require any water or food. I could try to give him some but I don't know if he'd take it. He's like a super guinea pig.

So that has pretty much been my day. If you have any cool or unique names for my new friend let me know. :)

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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