Back To The Stables

Ever since I was around ten years old I have loved riding horses and when my grandma got me the opportunity to work with them over this current summer I just couldn't say no. Today was my first day at the stables. When I arrived I was immediately put to work. Feeding, cleaning, and washing the horses. Which was fun but also very tiring. During the walking around to fetch the horses I was also introduced to them. Some of the horses were very pretty and very sweet. After all the cleaning and moving of the horses I had a break for lunch.
When I was younger I took lessons at another farm that was quite close to my school and my house. On some days after school I would walk down and ride some of the horses. Those lessons were very helpful for today. I had to remember how to saddle, clean, and fetch horses. And I am glad that I had past experience with those things otherwise I would have been in some serious trouble.
So after lunch I got some lessons. I had to saddle up a few different horses and then I also saddled up  the horse that I was riding, whose name was Mojo. She was a very sweet horse. I did some trotting and walking on Mojo and I had a really fun time getting into the rhythm of riding again. Mojo was a sweet horse and was very cooperative with me. However those darn horseflies were killing me. I didn't realize how annoying horseflies were until today.
So all in all I had a pretty fun day. Can't wait to be going back and doing some more helping out tomorrow.

I love being around horses as I feel like you can really create a bond between you and them. And the riding is also fun, providing you don't get thrown off. It's happened to me a few times when I was riding before and thankfully it wasn't too bad.

That's my little blog bit for today. I will defiantly updating some more tomorrow. As there is a lot that is going to be happening. So a very busy day awaits.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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