British Food VS American Food

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This morning I went out on a shopping trip my with grandma and I as was walking around the many colourful food isles in the supermarkets I decided that todays blog post would be about another interesting difference I have noticed while I've been here and of course about something that I enjoy writing about.

The food.

One thing that I have found to have been the biggest difference between America and Britain has been the food. Now I'm not saying that one is necessarily worse than the other they are both just very different. In Britain you get a lot of fish and chip shops which you can also find in America but I feel as if they are more popular over here. Also I have found that going out for fish and chips is quite popular with many of the tourists that visit the UK. Since I'm kind of a tourist I can understand why, fish and chips are indeed delicious and I do find that they are quite a bit tastier when they are made in Britain. And in America it seems to be all the burgers, fried chicken, and the pizza. Not that that's a bad thing as I quite enjoy those very unhealthy foods.

As well as in America, Britain also has fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, and KFC. Also in Britain they are a lot of different supermarkets which sell a variety of different foods than American one's do. Some of these supermarkets would include Marks and Spenser's, Tesco's, ASDA, Morrison's, and Sainsbury's. And in America there are places like Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart, and Rite Aid.

(Photo credit goes to BBC America )
Now I honestly would love to buy almost everything from British supermarkets and this is mainly down to the fact that there are some pretty wacky and quirky foods here. Take what I found today for example. I was out shopping when my grandma and I came across this....


I have never seen this or anything like this before and I knew that as soon as I had spotted it in the refrigerated milk section I just had to try it out. I mean, come on, a milk that has been made from a chocolate bar that has to be good, right? And boy was I correct. I don't believe you can get anything like this back in the US but it would be amazing if you could. Now that this has been made I am crossing my fingers that KitKat Milk will be next. What a dream come true that would be.

Then after the very eventful shopping trip, that made us look like we were storing up for the next zombie apocalypse,  I came home with my grandma and we had lunch with my granddad and then we all went out to a rescue horse place and that's where another foodie difference came up. We went to the cafĂ© area that was there at the rescue centre and I had ordered a orange hot chocolate. This is what it came out looking like...

 Now I know this difference to be true because it's happened here to me more than once. The difference I am talking about is the fact that every time you order a hot chocolate here in the UK they will serve it with marshmallows where they will either be in the hot chocolate (as shown) or on the saucer by the cup ready for you to place them in at your leisure. In the US you usually have to ask for marshmallows if you would like them and they sometimes cost extra. So big bonus points for the UK when it comes to hot chocolate.

So those are just some foodie differences that I have noticed between the Us and the UK. If you have any you would liked to share from around the world then comment down below. I'd love to hear about all the different one's.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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