Shopping Trip In Aberdeen

In August I will be attending a family members wedding so my grandma decided to take me out shopping to find a nice dress. We left around ten in the morning and drove to the local park and ride which we ended up having to wait at because the next bus we needed was going to take twenty minutes. And since the weather here has been hot and sunny it wasn't very fun.
The bus finally did arrive though and we boarded and were on our way to the shopping centre. Now my nana was convinced that I needed more than one dress because of all the different events I would be attending such as the hen do, a lunch party, and the wedding. So in total I would need three different dresses.

The first store we visited was Primark. I had shopped here before in Leeds so I thought I would check it out again and I ended up getting a pretty blue and white dress that has  a flower pattern. Then we left the store to go to Marks & Spenser's and grab some lunch which ended up consisting of a chicken salad sandwich, blueberry muffin, and a small bottle of still lemonade. Yum!

After lunch we headed to Monsoon where I found my next dress. A beautiful green lacy dress. I think I will wear that one to the wedding. We went to Boots next and I checked out a brand of nail varnish that I have been wanting to check out for a while called Barry M. I was amazed by all the pretty colours that they had in their selection. I went for a colour called Sugar Apple and a nail top and bottom base so my nails don't get chipped.

My grandma then had her eye appointment so I went with her to that and waited outside in the lobby area. Which I almost fell asleep at. Oops. Shopping is pretty tiring though, to be honest. After her check-up I got to help her pick out some lenses and I learnt that my grandma looks good in and really likes the colour purple. She ended up buying two pairs of purple glasses. One was sunglasses and the other were regular everyday glasses.

The last thing we did before we came home was do a quick shop in and out at Sainsbury where we picked up some more mars milk, because it is delicious,  and a few banana and strawberry smoothies, because I am trying to be healthy. Really I am.

Before coming back to my granddad, who was at home, we stopped at a different Marks and Spenser's and got some groceries.
For dinner my grandma made fish and chips with a side salad and we had a strawberry flan for dessert which was also homemade and very delicious.

So overall I'd say that I have had a very productive and eventful day. I always love to go shopping although it really tires me out.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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