Starting My Blog

Oh my goodness. Where to start?

My name is Aimee, I'm 17 years old, and for awhile now I have had the urge to start a blog. It began when I came across some Youtubers whom I couldn't stop watching. Channels like Charlieissocoolike, Smosh, Tobuscus, The Shaytards, and NigaHiga filled up my YouTube feed. I was addicted to the content that these channels provided me with and as time went by I grew more and more interested and amused at what these people were doing on YouTube. And I thought to myself that "Hey, that could be me..."

*Fast forward about a year-ish*

Then one night after having dinner at my mums friends house I stumbled upon something new. People who were talking about beauty and makeup, doing hauls, challenges, and giving advice. I had never seen this kind of thing before. Among those many channels I found, I came across one named Zoella. I was taken away by the videos she was posting. And then I found her blog, and needless to say I was even more in awe. After that I was watching all sorts of different Youtubers. Channels like Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan. Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Joey Graceffa, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, ect..... and It wasn't long before I was inspired to create a channel and a blog of my own.

However, for the longest time I didn't do anything. I continued to watch Youtubers videos and enjoy them but I always kept thinking about how I could make a channel but I never actually did anything.

That is until now.

This summer I decided to take to vlogging. So far I've only managed to put up two vlogs. And I'm just going to say now that I do need some more practice on them so they're not perfect but that's all part of being a beginner, right?
Today, however, I made the decision to FINALLY create and upload my first proper YouTube video. I made a 25 Facts About Me video and I am quite happy with the result. Again, it's not perfect but I don't feel like it's that bad either. I gave it a good shot so that's all that matters.

My hope is that something good will come out of starting this. I hope to be an inspiration to people, just like some Youtubers are to me. That is one of my strongest goals. I also wish to create something that you as a reader or watcher might enjoy.

If you are interested in seeing my first video I will link it HERE

I also decided to start my blog today. Which I hope to update regularly with pictures, recipes, stories, and events about my life, as well as posting my YouTube videos on. It feels good to have started doing what I've wanted to try to do for the longest time. I suppose that when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything. Or something like that....

So for now... here's to a great start to whatever journey I hope to go onto with my blogs and videos.

Hope you all enjoy!

Aimee. :)

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