Staying With My Grandparents

This summer I got the amazing opportunity to go to the UK and spend some time with the family whom I don't often get to see. My grandparents. aunts, uncles, cousins, ect... I did this same trip last year but there are two differences between this year and the year before. First off, this summer I traveled alone for the very first time. Which I have to admit was slightly scary for me, being that it was the first time and I'm the sort of person who gets lost easily. Secondly, I am getting to stay in the UK for a much longer amount of time. Last year when I came over I only got to spend about a month here in the UK, which meant only about two weeks with each of my grandparents. Fortunately this year I'm spending about two and a half months here. 

Unfortunately there is one more little problem.... because I'm here for a longer amount of time I have to pay the consequence of getting on an airplane and flying home the NIGHT before school starts. I fear to think about how bad I'm going to feel. When I arrived here the jetlag was terrible. I slept in for about two weeks up until around ten to eleven in the morning. I know some people are going to be sitting here and reading this thinking "What? Aimee doesn't like sleep?" Well I do like sleep in fact I love sleep but not when it takes up half of your day when you could be doing something adventurous and fun.

ANYWAY.... I'm getting off topic.

Today I wanted to talk about the two different ways of living. And what I mean by that is that the two differences between living at your usual day to day home and living with your grandparents for over the summer. Because trust me, there are some major differences.

First of all living with my grandparents has really inspired me to keep on practicing my cooking. Both of my grandmothers are amazing chefs in the kitchen and considering that I may be going to a college or university next year I find that cooking is a very handy skill to have under your belt. So how is this different from when I'm back home. Well... first off the food I have at home I usually have to cook for myself or on some nights for the whole family and the food I make is never as good as what my grandmas can whip up. Also while I'm here I don't have to cook or do anything. That's not to say I don't offer to help though...

The second difference I noticed was basically all of the little quirks around my grandparents house that make it my grandparents house. For example, the fact that my grandparents have a good collection of some of my favourite Disney movies and on cassette! And the flowers that are spread around the house to give it a lovely warm feel, and the toffees that are put in little glass jars around the house just in case you might feel peckish during anytime of the day. Of course my house doesn't have these so that's mainly why it's a difference, but there are quirks of my own that I have at home as well.

The last and final difference that I noticed was that, how do I put this nicely? My grandma is a speed daemon on the road. I'm not saying this because I'm trying to rat her out or anything. because she is a very safe driver she's just... fast. But now I come to think of it quite a lot of people in the UK are fast drivers. I just didn't think my grandma would be one of them. I guess this is a difference all around. People in the UK are, to me, faster drivers than people in the US.

So those are a few difference thingy things. I hope you enjoyed hearing about them. They are fun to write about and I enjoy writing about whatever I can write about. If that makes any sense at all...

Until next time,

Aimee. :)  

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