Sunny In Scotland?!

Ever since I arrived in the UK for my summer holiday it has been nothing but hot and sunny. The temperatures have been high and I've gotten sunburnt more times than I can count. Don't get me wrong though the sun is quite nice, it's just very hot. And working at the stables in the very humid weather is definitely a challenge. I'm just happy that there's been a nice breeze around when I've been working outside.

I've been told that normally Scotland hasn't had that nice of weather as it does now. Which makes me happy to know that I've come during a summer that hasn't been all rainy and full of thunder. Some people have also thanked me for bringing the weather with me from Seattle. It's normally not that hot there either, in fact the weather there is quite similar to the weather where I am now. Usually very rainy and cold.

So because today was such a nice day I went on a little stroll with my grandma. A whilst I was walking I took a few pictures...

I thought that the flowers were quite nice, and since I haven't had the chance to take any proper pictures of flowers yet I thought I'd practice with the daisies. And I have tried my best to attempt catching a picture of a butterfly but this one was in the shade and any sudden movement from me would have caused it to fly away.

I also decided to celebrate the sunshine...

Thankfully I didn't get a sunburn because I had remembered to wear sunscreen! You wouldn't believe how forgetful I am when it comes to those sort of things. Honestly I am terrible.

So now that you know what the weather is like where I am what's the weather like where you are? Hot, cold, rainy, sunny, maybe even snowing??

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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