I'm Back!

Hey guys!

It's definitely been a while, hasn't it? I've finally arrived in London after a three day trip down here so I've gotten to see my cousins, aunt, and uncle. I'm staying with them then after the wedding for my second cousin I'll be going back to the U.S.

And right after I get back I will be starting school again. This year will be my senior year and I'm really excited to be doing my final year. BUT... I'm not so excited about going back to school. I have mostly mixed feelings about it...

Anyway I have a couple of weeks of my summer left so I don't have to worry about that just yet.

The trip down to London was pretty smooth. I took a few naps in the car and stayed in two different Holiday Inns. Both were nice but the second one that I stayed in was defiantly my favorite.
 It had a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream vending machine in the lobby and they didn't charge for the Wi-Fi there like the first Holiday Inn did. I also think that the food in the second hotel was better. Overall though I do believe that my trip was pretty good.

Then when I had arrived in London I was greeted by my cousin Jack. It was nice to see him again.
So while I've been in London I've done some shopping, visited the parks, and played my fair share of video games with the cousins. I've defiantly had fun so far.

I also got to go and meet my mother and sister at the airport earlier this week. It's nice to see them again too. I really have missed those guys.

That's just a little bit of what I have been up to recently. I plan to keep the posts coming this week and then continue after that as well. It's good getting into the rhythm of posting again.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

Last Day At The Stables

Hello there!

So yesterday was my last day of helping out at the stables. So now there will no longer be any more horse posts. Thank goodness.

I meant to write this post yesterday but because I'm a lazy old mushroom (don't ask) I didn't. So apologies for that.

I seem to be apologizing a lot recently.....hmmmm

So tomorrow I'm heading down South to London! Except I won't be in London tomorrow. Oh no. Instead I'll be lying in a hotel room wondering about life and the meaning of it all.

Okay. That was a bit random.....

But seriously... I will be in London in I think two days? I'll get to see my cousins and my uncle and my aunt. Oh and also my sister and my mum will hopefully be joining all of us in London as well, as they are coming over to spend the next few weeks here in the UK. That is providing they don't get swept up by giant floods or anything....

So yeah. That's my life so far. Waiting to go places and for people to arrive. Fun. Fun. Fun.

I also wanted to mention that because I'm going to be staying in places that only let you have a hour of free Wi-Fi per stay that I most likely won't be writing any recent posts for the next few days.

Sorry about that.

Gah. I did it again. UGHHHH.

I can't help it OK? It's what I do.

Sooooo yeah. I think I'm going to go now before this post gets any weirder. Mostly likely my sleep deprivation is starting to kick in and at the moment I feel like a really loose canon ready to explode.

Hope you guys are all swell!

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

Deans Shortbread Factory

Well hello there!

So I didn't post a blog post for yesterday (sorry!) and I almost forgot to post one for today. Fortunately a light bulb went off in my head that reminded me to do so before shutting down the computer.

Today I went out with both of my grandparents and their friend to celebrate their friends birthday. We went to the Deans Shortbread Factory and I had a salad that looked like this.....

It. Was. Delicious.

After lunch we all came back home and I did some studying and a bit of surfing on the internet.


Also yesterday I made a YouTube video. And not just any YouTube video, my first YouTube video...

Please have a watch and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Also subscribe to my channel to be notified of all the future videos that I plan to do. :)

I believe that that's all for today. Apologies that it was so short. I promise to make it up to you very soon.

Until next time everyone,

Aimee. :)


Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Well the last few days have been pretty busy, as I have been busy doing some serious (not really) training for the Gymkhana that took place today at the stables that I been volunteering at.

And for those you who don't know what a Gymkhana is, it's an equestrian event consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for the riders on horses. I had three things to do today and they were a handy pony course, jumping, and a dressage test. I also did a group test and my group and I won by two seconds!

I also had to do some braiding on the horse I was riding. I really wish I had taken a picture of it because I thought it was pretty good. Kinda sad I didn't. Oh well.

So the past few days I had been preparing for that... Oh and sadly I believe that Monday will be my last day helping at the stables. I will be going down South for the remainder of my time here. That means that I will have to pack on Tuesday as I will be leaving on Wednesday. It also means that after Monday there will be no more posts about horses. So my blog won't look like it's dedicated to everything horse.

However I am looking forward to going down south. I get to see some more of my family after all. I can't wait to see everyone.


Another thing I will be doing tomorrow.... I will be making an introductory video for my YouTube channel Aimee's Corner. I have always thought that starting a YouTube channel would be a fun hobby and what better time than tomorrow?
Also some of you may have noticed that on my first blog post that I had said that I had made a 25 Facts About Me video. I did make one but unfortunately when certain family members of mine watched it they had said that I had given a bit too much information about me away, so I have deleted it and instead I  have decided to start a fresh, and start my YouTube channel off with an Introductory video then make another 25 Facts About Me video.

So keep an eye out for my Introductory video tomorrow. And if you are interested then why not subscribe to my channel to be notified about when it's out? I promise it would be worth your time.

I'm hoping you are feeling a bit more caught up to date with what I have been doing recently. I know I feel like I am back on track.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

Cantering And Playing Horse Games

Hello everyone!

So I didn't do a blog post for yesterday because basically I didn't do much so there was nothing really to write about. It seems like all my weekends are starting to turn out like that.... Hmmmm.

Anyway today I went back to the stables to help out with a summer camp that is going to be running all of this week but it turned out that really instead of helping with anything I ended up actually being a part of the camp. It was like I had signed up for it. And that was kinda cool. It meant that I had gotten to ride the horses. I love riding horses. I got to canter today and it was good getting to be able to get back into the rhythm of doing it.

The camp itself was very fun as well. I got to do some relay races with the horses and I got some lessons as well which helped with reminding me what I needed to do. I found it to be quite helpful.

Unfortunately today was so HOT. I feel like the heat wave is trying to make a comeback and I can't allow it. The weather here in Scotland is so bipolar and it's not helpful at all to those who spend most of their days outside. Which I don't usually do..... but still.

I realize that this post isn't that long and I'm not really sure whether or not short or long posts are preferred. Throughout this week though I will most likely be posting posts that are going to be around this long. Hopefully they will start to get bigger again next week.

So I hope you enjoyed todays post!

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

July Favourites

So here it is! My July favourites post. Full of the goodies and things I have loved to use and still am using now in August. I have decided to put theses items into different groups/categories so that it would make it a bit easier to go through these items.

 Let's get started!

Beauty and cosmetics

The first favourite of mine would have to be something that I have recently discovered here in the UK....

This product is amazing. I have only tried two colours so far, Blueberry and Sugar Apple, but I have loved them both so much. The Gelly Nail Polish gives your nails a nice shine without having to apply a topcoat, however I apply one anyway to keep the nail polish from chipping and to make it last longer. I have loved using these and I hope to continue using them in the future. 

This is a sample of what the colour blueberry looks like on. I love it so much!
If you are interested in trying some out yourself then you can click HERE

The next product I have enjoyed using has been.....

Chubby Chap is basically an oversized chap stick. However it has lasted me through the whole of July for those dry lips moments and has still a lot of chap stick left for me to use. The only flavour I have tried so far has been Oatmeal Cookie. And I just have to say that it's actually quite a pleasant taste. It also does work well on dry lips. I'd definitely continue using this.

My next product is something I brought over from the US (along with my chubby chap) and I may have forgotten to mention that if you are living in the UK or anywhere other than the US you may or may not be able to obtain some of the things I have listed in my favourites if you are interested in doing so. This also goes for some of the items that I have bought from the UK, so a visa versa kinda thing. I apologize for any inconvenience.

One of my favourite shops in the US is called Bath and Body Works. And that is where I found the next product that I adore....
Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume

When I first went to have a look around in Bath and Bodyworks I had found a small selection of perfumes that I really liked. However, the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom stood out to me as the most lovely. The smell it provides isn't too overpowering nor is it too weak. It's a sweet and somewhat tangy ( I don't know it that's exactly the right word) scent. I have gotten many compliments on the scent. In fact I have about three of the small bottles and one of the large because I love the smell of it so much.


When I made this list I knew for a fact that it had to include some of the things I had found delicious for over the month of July.

My first yummy food is.....

This really shouldn't be here on this list because these are something that I have been enjoying since I knew they existed. I put them on this list anyway because I really do enjoy eating these as an snack. I like to freeze them and them have a few in a little jar or bowl. Yummy.   

When I had come here this year I discovered yet another favourite of mine....

 This has to be one of my favourite drinks to have on a hot day. Since there was a heat wave in Scotland for about two weeks I was really enjoying having one of these in the afternoons. I would have to say that these really did the job for cooling me down. Plus they taste amazing! I definitely would recommend these.
My last foodie item would be something that I picked up the other day...

I haven't had these since I was younger so when I had the chance to get some more I lept at it. These make for a nice treat during the day. They are small and pretty satisfying. I love Kinder chocolate.  
So when I went to the Yorkshire show I picked up this lovely purse. The only thing is I can't seem to remember which shop/stall I had bought it from. So I do feel quite bad about not being able to post a link as to where I got it. Sorry guys. If any of you do know the shop that happens to sell this type of purse

However I love it because of the amount of room and slots that are provided. There is even enough room in there for my IPhone.

And last but not least....

I just had to add this one. I loveeeee Sherlock so much and I've gotten to watch a lot over the Summer. I mean who doesn't like Benedict Cumberbatch as a detective? He's just so gorgeous.  

So those were my July favourites. I'd love to hear what you think. Also what have some of your favourites been this summer? Leave a comment down below! :)

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

Fish And Chips Day

What a rainy day it was today. It was much needed though and I am thankful for it.

So no horse volunteering for me today. Which also means no horse pictures and I have to say thank goodness for that. I was starting to feel like I was posting too many anyway. Although there are more to come if you do like and miss them.
Instead I spent the day relaxing and doing a bit of my AP work. As well as watching some TV and taking a few dances recesses, that were much needed.
This morning though I did go out food shopping with both of my grandparents and that was fun. Mainly because I got to push my granddad around in a wheelchair, which was pretty entertaining. I did get the feeling though that he was a bit scared of me doing it. I couldn't tell why though....

While we were out I found this....

I haven't seen or had these in years! I knew I had to buy a small box. The chocolate is delicious and the little plastic toy inside of the chocolate egg is a nice little bonus. I am very happy I found these though, they aren't in the US I don't think so it was defiantly a nice treat.

Then when we came home we had soup and some French bread for lunch and that was nice. I then went back to my computer and finished my other post for yesterday.

And a few hours later my grandma, granddad, and I were off to the train station to have fish and chips and meet my grandmas friend from there. We stopped at somewhere called The Bay and got some yummy fish and chips.

After I had polished most of it off (I had to feed the rest of my chips to the seagulls because I couldn't finish all of them) my grandma went to the ice cream shop, which was right next to the fish and chip shop, and bought each of us an ice cream.

I had a salted caramel with two flakes. AND IT WAS GOOOOOD. I love mainly anything involving caramel. Chocolate, lattes, caramel corn, ect...

We then preceded to the train station to wait for about twenty minutes then we picked up my grandmas friend and came home.

I have to say, today was pretty awesome. I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

First Post Of August

Hello! So this post was supposed to be written and then published yesterday but I ended up getting distracted by the new TV show "The Singer Takes it All", which some of you may have heard about recently. So I watched and voted for some of the singer who sung yesterday for that Then after I did all that I was suddenly hit with a feeling of complete tiredness and all I really wanted to do was lay down on my comfy warm bed, crawl into the fetus position and sleep. So basically the point that I am trying to get across to you is that I feel like a pretty unorganized human being right now. I need to work on that I think.
So to make yesterdays post up I have decided to post and write what happened yesterday today and that's as well as posting and writing todays post as well. I feel a bit more productive doing that rather than just skipping yesterday altogether. So on with the post!

*Flashback to yesterday*

I'm starting feel like with all these posts about horses and going to the stables that this blog is going to look like I completely love horses... which I guess is fine as long as it doesn't go as go into the regions of me being in love with horses, if you know what I mean....

Also happy first of  August everyone! I can't believe it's actually August already. Where did all that time go? Just yesterday felt like the 1st of January... weird. It's even more weird to think that I will be going back to High School next month to finish my last school year there. Wow has time just flown by.
Speaking of which I will get to be seeing my mum and my sister again soon can't wait for that! And another amazing happening is that the heat wave in Britain, I'm feeling safe to say is all gone! There was a bucket full of rain poring down yesterday....

 However it's nice not having to deal with the heat when your working outside. I don't have to come home smelling like sweaty feet. Yesssss.

So I got to do some riding today along with getting to lead some horses around for a walk while some people rode them. Nice chance to get to walk around and stretch my legs a bit.

This is Twiggy, she is the horse I rode yesterday. I love to ride her because she is smooth and very comfortable to ride. She is also the horse pictured above as well.

I really need to get some more photos of things other than horses.

So that was my day. It was a lot more tiring than I made it sound. Honest.

Oh and I forgot to mention look out for my July favourites post. I think I will start doing a few then maybe I'll mix it up by also making a few videos of some. We'll just have to see.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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