First Post Of August

Hello! So this post was supposed to be written and then published yesterday but I ended up getting distracted by the new TV show "The Singer Takes it All", which some of you may have heard about recently. So I watched and voted for some of the singer who sung yesterday for that Then after I did all that I was suddenly hit with a feeling of complete tiredness and all I really wanted to do was lay down on my comfy warm bed, crawl into the fetus position and sleep. So basically the point that I am trying to get across to you is that I feel like a pretty unorganized human being right now. I need to work on that I think.
So to make yesterdays post up I have decided to post and write what happened yesterday today and that's as well as posting and writing todays post as well. I feel a bit more productive doing that rather than just skipping yesterday altogether. So on with the post!

*Flashback to yesterday*

I'm starting feel like with all these posts about horses and going to the stables that this blog is going to look like I completely love horses... which I guess is fine as long as it doesn't go as go into the regions of me being in love with horses, if you know what I mean....

Also happy first of  August everyone! I can't believe it's actually August already. Where did all that time go? Just yesterday felt like the 1st of January... weird. It's even more weird to think that I will be going back to High School next month to finish my last school year there. Wow has time just flown by.
Speaking of which I will get to be seeing my mum and my sister again soon can't wait for that! And another amazing happening is that the heat wave in Britain, I'm feeling safe to say is all gone! There was a bucket full of rain poring down yesterday....

 However it's nice not having to deal with the heat when your working outside. I don't have to come home smelling like sweaty feet. Yesssss.

So I got to do some riding today along with getting to lead some horses around for a walk while some people rode them. Nice chance to get to walk around and stretch my legs a bit.

This is Twiggy, she is the horse I rode yesterday. I love to ride her because she is smooth and very comfortable to ride. She is also the horse pictured above as well.

I really need to get some more photos of things other than horses.

So that was my day. It was a lot more tiring than I made it sound. Honest.

Oh and I forgot to mention look out for my July favourites post. I think I will start doing a few then maybe I'll mix it up by also making a few videos of some. We'll just have to see.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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