Fish And Chips Day

What a rainy day it was today. It was much needed though and I am thankful for it.

So no horse volunteering for me today. Which also means no horse pictures and I have to say thank goodness for that. I was starting to feel like I was posting too many anyway. Although there are more to come if you do like and miss them.
Instead I spent the day relaxing and doing a bit of my AP work. As well as watching some TV and taking a few dances recesses, that were much needed.
This morning though I did go out food shopping with both of my grandparents and that was fun. Mainly because I got to push my granddad around in a wheelchair, which was pretty entertaining. I did get the feeling though that he was a bit scared of me doing it. I couldn't tell why though....

While we were out I found this....

I haven't seen or had these in years! I knew I had to buy a small box. The chocolate is delicious and the little plastic toy inside of the chocolate egg is a nice little bonus. I am very happy I found these though, they aren't in the US I don't think so it was defiantly a nice treat.

Then when we came home we had soup and some French bread for lunch and that was nice. I then went back to my computer and finished my other post for yesterday.

And a few hours later my grandma, granddad, and I were off to the train station to have fish and chips and meet my grandmas friend from there. We stopped at somewhere called The Bay and got some yummy fish and chips.

After I had polished most of it off (I had to feed the rest of my chips to the seagulls because I couldn't finish all of them) my grandma went to the ice cream shop, which was right next to the fish and chip shop, and bought each of us an ice cream.

I had a salted caramel with two flakes. AND IT WAS GOOOOOD. I love mainly anything involving caramel. Chocolate, lattes, caramel corn, ect...

We then preceded to the train station to wait for about twenty minutes then we picked up my grandmas friend and came home.

I have to say, today was pretty awesome. I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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