Hello everyone! Long time no post.

Well the last few days have been pretty busy, as I have been busy doing some serious (not really) training for the Gymkhana that took place today at the stables that I been volunteering at.

And for those you who don't know what a Gymkhana is, it's an equestrian event consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for the riders on horses. I had three things to do today and they were a handy pony course, jumping, and a dressage test. I also did a group test and my group and I won by two seconds!

I also had to do some braiding on the horse I was riding. I really wish I had taken a picture of it because I thought it was pretty good. Kinda sad I didn't. Oh well.

So the past few days I had been preparing for that... Oh and sadly I believe that Monday will be my last day helping at the stables. I will be going down South for the remainder of my time here. That means that I will have to pack on Tuesday as I will be leaving on Wednesday. It also means that after Monday there will be no more posts about horses. So my blog won't look like it's dedicated to everything horse.

However I am looking forward to going down south. I get to see some more of my family after all. I can't wait to see everyone.


Another thing I will be doing tomorrow.... I will be making an introductory video for my YouTube channel Aimee's Corner. I have always thought that starting a YouTube channel would be a fun hobby and what better time than tomorrow?
Also some of you may have noticed that on my first blog post that I had said that I had made a 25 Facts About Me video. I did make one but unfortunately when certain family members of mine watched it they had said that I had given a bit too much information about me away, so I have deleted it and instead I  have decided to start a fresh, and start my YouTube channel off with an Introductory video then make another 25 Facts About Me video.

So keep an eye out for my Introductory video tomorrow. And if you are interested then why not subscribe to my channel to be notified about when it's out? I promise it would be worth your time.

I'm hoping you are feeling a bit more caught up to date with what I have been doing recently. I know I feel like I am back on track.

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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