July Favourites

So here it is! My July favourites post. Full of the goodies and things I have loved to use and still am using now in August. I have decided to put theses items into different groups/categories so that it would make it a bit easier to go through these items.

 Let's get started!

Beauty and cosmetics

The first favourite of mine would have to be something that I have recently discovered here in the UK....

This product is amazing. I have only tried two colours so far, Blueberry and Sugar Apple, but I have loved them both so much. The Gelly Nail Polish gives your nails a nice shine without having to apply a topcoat, however I apply one anyway to keep the nail polish from chipping and to make it last longer. I have loved using these and I hope to continue using them in the future. 

This is a sample of what the colour blueberry looks like on. I love it so much!
If you are interested in trying some out yourself then you can click HERE

The next product I have enjoyed using has been.....

Chubby Chap is basically an oversized chap stick. However it has lasted me through the whole of July for those dry lips moments and has still a lot of chap stick left for me to use. The only flavour I have tried so far has been Oatmeal Cookie. And I just have to say that it's actually quite a pleasant taste. It also does work well on dry lips. I'd definitely continue using this.

My next product is something I brought over from the US (along with my chubby chap) and I may have forgotten to mention that if you are living in the UK or anywhere other than the US you may or may not be able to obtain some of the things I have listed in my favourites if you are interested in doing so. This also goes for some of the items that I have bought from the UK, so a visa versa kinda thing. I apologize for any inconvenience.

One of my favourite shops in the US is called Bath and Body Works. And that is where I found the next product that I adore....
Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume

When I first went to have a look around in Bath and Bodyworks I had found a small selection of perfumes that I really liked. However, the scent Japanese Cherry Blossom stood out to me as the most lovely. The smell it provides isn't too overpowering nor is it too weak. It's a sweet and somewhat tangy ( I don't know it that's exactly the right word) scent. I have gotten many compliments on the scent. In fact I have about three of the small bottles and one of the large because I love the smell of it so much.


When I made this list I knew for a fact that it had to include some of the things I had found delicious for over the month of July.

My first yummy food is.....

This really shouldn't be here on this list because these are something that I have been enjoying since I knew they existed. I put them on this list anyway because I really do enjoy eating these as an snack. I like to freeze them and them have a few in a little jar or bowl. Yummy.   

When I had come here this year I discovered yet another favourite of mine....

 This has to be one of my favourite drinks to have on a hot day. Since there was a heat wave in Scotland for about two weeks I was really enjoying having one of these in the afternoons. I would have to say that these really did the job for cooling me down. Plus they taste amazing! I definitely would recommend these.
My last foodie item would be something that I picked up the other day...

I haven't had these since I was younger so when I had the chance to get some more I lept at it. These make for a nice treat during the day. They are small and pretty satisfying. I love Kinder chocolate.  
So when I went to the Yorkshire show I picked up this lovely purse. The only thing is I can't seem to remember which shop/stall I had bought it from. So I do feel quite bad about not being able to post a link as to where I got it. Sorry guys. If any of you do know the shop that happens to sell this type of purse

However I love it because of the amount of room and slots that are provided. There is even enough room in there for my IPhone.

And last but not least....

I just had to add this one. I loveeeee Sherlock so much and I've gotten to watch a lot over the Summer. I mean who doesn't like Benedict Cumberbatch as a detective? He's just so gorgeous.  

So those were my July favourites. I'd love to hear what you think. Also what have some of your favourites been this summer? Leave a comment down below! :)

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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