Last Day At The Stables

Hello there!

So yesterday was my last day of helping out at the stables. So now there will no longer be any more horse posts. Thank goodness.

I meant to write this post yesterday but because I'm a lazy old mushroom (don't ask) I didn't. So apologies for that.

I seem to be apologizing a lot recently.....hmmmm

So tomorrow I'm heading down South to London! Except I won't be in London tomorrow. Oh no. Instead I'll be lying in a hotel room wondering about life and the meaning of it all.

Okay. That was a bit random.....

But seriously... I will be in London in I think two days? I'll get to see my cousins and my uncle and my aunt. Oh and also my sister and my mum will hopefully be joining all of us in London as well, as they are coming over to spend the next few weeks here in the UK. That is providing they don't get swept up by giant floods or anything....

So yeah. That's my life so far. Waiting to go places and for people to arrive. Fun. Fun. Fun.

I also wanted to mention that because I'm going to be staying in places that only let you have a hour of free Wi-Fi per stay that I most likely won't be writing any recent posts for the next few days.

Sorry about that.

Gah. I did it again. UGHHHH.

I can't help it OK? It's what I do.

Sooooo yeah. I think I'm going to go now before this post gets any weirder. Mostly likely my sleep deprivation is starting to kick in and at the moment I feel like a really loose canon ready to explode.

Hope you guys are all swell!

Until next time,

Aimee. :)

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