Hey Everyone!

Hello again!

Yes it's definitely been a while since I last posted a blog post on here and that's because that since school started I've just been so busy. Fortunately however I have made a scheduled so that I will have time for more blog posts, my YouTube videos, and all my important school and homework. Yay!

Thank you to everyone that's stuck around patiently waiting for the next post (this one!). I am truly grateful. :)

So whats been gong on?

Well I went to my second cousins wedding which was beautiful. I had so much fun dancing the night away and eating lot's of delicious food. I can't wait until I can have a wedding that was a lovely as that one. First I need to find someone though.....

SO here are a few pictures from the wedding....

(The theme was airplane because the groom likes flying and aircraft.) 

Also i'm now a Senior in High School! Which is awesome because it's my last year of school and a bit nerve wracking because I have to decide what I want to do after school... which school I want to go to, what I want to do as a job, where to live, ect....
So that's defiantly a big one.

I've also got back into the rhythm of making YouTube videos.

Check out my newest one!....

There will be a new up tomorrow so keep an eye out for that! 
As well as the new videos I created a side channel, Extra Aimee, where I will post my vlogs and mini videos of events that happen in my life. I am excited to be starting up with my videos again as I love creating content and I find that when I'm older and looking back on myself as I am now will be quite entertaining or embarrassing. Either one!

Those are just a few things as to what's been going on so far. I am happy to finally be back and to be posting regularly. 

Hope to see you all again soon!

Aimee. :)

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