Spring Break

Hey There!

So in my last post I mentioned that I wanted to keep active with this blog. And I do! I say this though and it's already almost the middle of April. Go me!

So what's happened since March? Not a lot to be completely honest. I'm currently taking a well needed holiday in Oregon. Which is really nice. I'm writing this post on the second day of me being here. And it's been lovely.

The first day consisted of a 6 hour drive to Oregon. Which was fun and boring at times but I guess that's just how car trips are. We stopped at a seafood restaurant to have lunch when we arrived in Oregon and that's when Orla decided to try her first raw oyster. She described it as slimy and very fishy.  After eating we grabbed some coffee and then drove on and eventually arrived at the little cottage that we are staying at. The cottage has a lovely view of the beach. It's beautiful.

The second day was a bit more of an active on your feet kind of day. It started with Orla and I going or a morning jog. Then after that we did some exercises together then showered and got dressed and took a walk with my mum and John to go and visit the Devils Punch bowl. It' was pretty cool. Then we all headed back to the beach house. And that was pretty much it. We also did some grocery shopping and got a few needed necessities.

AND today started with a bit of a lazy start. Orla and I didn't have a morning run but that was okay because we did go on two long walks. The first was through a forest to see a drawbridge and a waterfall and the second was a long a beach. Here are some pictures from today:

I am absolutely loving this spring trip so far. It's really fun! 

I also wanted to quickly add in here that I have decided to start a journal. The objective of keeping this journal is for me to fill up every single page of it. I have missed a few days so far but that's okay! I'm planing on filling it up some more tonight! 

I do want to try and update some more on this blog. I know I say that a lot but it's true! I'll try my best to keep it as active as possible. 

I hope you're doing well and that you're having a good day or night! 

See you again soon! 

Aimee :)

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