Short Day


I am currently being a bit naughty at the moment as I am currently in 4th period as I write this. Don't tell my teacher! I am supposed to be researching the book I read for my paper that I will eventually be writing. But as you can see I am a bit distracted.

I just wanted to make a quick update because I couldn't do one this morning as I was in pottery working on my teapot. Which by the way is looking pretty good. (I'll post a picture when I get home).

Yesterday evening I had rehearsal. And it's not one of the best rehearsals because I was not needed for most of it but I went anyway. Like a good little actress. I also mentioned that I was going to upload a video yesturday. Well I'm hopefully going to be doing that today and tomorrow. We'll see. It really all depends on how busy I am. But I hope to. :)

And today at school has been a short day. All my classes have been either 25-30 minutes long. Which is nice and not nice. It means I don't have to been in school for as long but it also means I have barely any time at school to work on my papers. Grrrr.

Not much to report as not much has happened since I last wrote a post. Although I'd like to mention that I will be trying out new types of blog posts. You'll see what I mean when I write them. :)

Thanks for reading!

Aimee :)

A Free Moment

Good Morning/ Good Evening to you wherever you are!

Currently it's morning where I am and usually I would be at school at this time but instead I am at a coffee shop sipping on a vanilla latte while finishing up the book Jane Eyre which I have to read for school. Although technically I'm writing this instead of reading but I should be back to reading as soon as this post is done.


Hey, Hey, Hey!

So the last time I made a blog post I believe I was in Oregon. Which was months ago! Oh goodness. So the plan for me was to keep up with my blogging and you can see how's that's gone. Not good.

However on top of blogging I also have a goal to keep up with my YouTube channel, school, journal, and my future in general. Which is quite a lot. And I don't mind trying to juggle out everything, it just means that I am really super busy.
So I have come to the decision that I plan to keep more organized and make more blog posts and update my YT channel more frequently. This is something that I have wanted to do since the beginning but now I am taking a stand and doing it.

Starting tomorrow I will be posting updates about my life, opinions on certain events, and what nots and happenings that are going on throughout the rest of my life.

Just thought I'd make this blog post to let you know. I am really excited to get going on this again! :)

Aimee :)

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