Hey, Hey, Hey!

So the last time I made a blog post I believe I was in Oregon. Which was months ago! Oh goodness. So the plan for me was to keep up with my blogging and you can see how's that's gone. Not good.

However on top of blogging I also have a goal to keep up with my YouTube channel, school, journal, and my future in general. Which is quite a lot. And I don't mind trying to juggle out everything, it just means that I am really super busy.
So I have come to the decision that I plan to keep more organized and make more blog posts and update my YT channel more frequently. This is something that I have wanted to do since the beginning but now I am taking a stand and doing it.

Starting tomorrow I will be posting updates about my life, opinions on certain events, and what nots and happenings that are going on throughout the rest of my life.

Just thought I'd make this blog post to let you know. I am really excited to get going on this again! :)

Aimee :)

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