Here I Go!


I'm back! I tend to be saying that a lot. But as you can tell there haven't been any posts recently and that's partially because I have been busy/procrastinating/just plain bored and not in the blogging mood. But have no fear! I am getting back to it now.

So what's been going on in my world? Well as some of you know I have been acting in a play called Sense and Sensibility written by Jane Austen. The book was written by her... not the play. Anyway... Opening night was last Friday and I had performances on Saturday and Sunday as well. It's been so much fun doing this play and I'm happy that there are still two more weekends of  performances of it. Argh! I love acting so much.

As well as the play I have also been applying for jobs and spending my summer doing trips to Seattle. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything back on the job front. But I have my fingers crossed that something will come up soon!

And yesterday I went on a trip to Seattle!

I went with my sister and a couple of her friends! I should have the vlog I made for when I visited up by tomorrow or Friday depending on how busy I am. I will be going back to Seattle tomorrow but instead of focusing on vlogging I am going to be more focused on taking pictures for my blog here. I may take a few video clips of when I'm out and about but for the most part I'm going to just stick to pictures.

My vegan lifestyle is going good as well. I'm going to Seattle tomorrow  for that very reason actually. I'm going out to try a vegan restaurant. I'm super excited!

That's about it for now. My life is going pretty swell and I hope yours is too!

Aimee :)

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