An Amazing Weekend


Last weekend I had the most busiest and amazing time! And I wanted to write all about it.

So here I go!



So as some of you may or may not know... I love cats. Heck, I love animals in general. So today I thought I would do a blog post about some really cool and fun facts about cats. I actually own two cats. Their names are Louie and Charlie. They are the friendliest and cutest cats in the entire world and no that is not an exaggeration.

And to prove my point here are a few pictures of them...

 Louie & Charlie

Now onto the facts!

Banana Bread


Today I decided to film a baking video! Which meant that I had to bake something (obviously). So I chose to bake some banana bread! And I have decided to write up the recipe on my blog so that if you don't happen to watch my videos or prefer reading a recipe rather than watching one happen you can!

So here is my banana bread recipe!

My Funk


So I have decided to make this blog post a more in depth one than what I usually write about. I'm all about variety and trying new things so I wanted to give it a go. 

Updates & Things

Hello and welcome to my new sexy blog layout! I honestly love it SO much.

Today I thought I would do a blog post update on what's been going on with me and my life.

So to start....

Lazy Sunday


I just thought I would do a super quick and small blog post since I don't want to skip today.

Not much happened today, hence why I named this blog post "Lazy Sunday". However I did audition for yet another play! I'm on a roll here. :)

I also went out to a little pot luck today, which was fun as I got to play trivia with some people. Apart from those two things I didn't do much else. Today was one of those lazy days that I have every so often where I do the very minimal things that a person can do in a day. Hopefully I'll be more busy tomorrow!

Tomorrow will also be the start of my practice for VEDS. So if you're interested in seeing those then keep a look out from them starting tomorrow.

That's pretty much all for today! Hope you're having a wonderful night and I'll see you again tomorrow.

Aimee :)

Practice for VEDS


I realize that I haven't made a blog post for a while. So I thought I would change that.

I recently uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, however, it was quite an old one and a handful of things have changed since then. Like, for example, I now have a job! Which is really exciting. This is my first job and I am so grateful to have it and happy to have it.

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