An Amazing Weekend


Last weekend I had the most busiest and amazing time! And I wanted to write all about it.

So here I go!


On Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the zoo with my friends. Sadly most of my friends will be moving away to go to college soon so it was a really nice last trip out when we were all together. Especially since we all wanted to go to the zoo together at some point.

The day was fantastic. I started off by getting ready then my friends and I carpooled to the ferry where we got on by foot. They took a ferry ride over to Seattle. Which was fun. Then when we arrived in Seattle we all had to catch the bus which would then take us to the zoo!

When we eventually arrived we first had to decide what we wanted to and where we wanted to start. First we started by going to the ladies room then continued on to grab a bite to eat. After eating and planning out our route around the zoo we were off on our adventure to see some animals!

Here a few of my favorite animals that I saw:

Oh and don't forget about the treat I had afterwards....

And that was my Saturday!

Now onto what my Sunday was like...


On Sunday I went to see my dad who had arrived come in on a ship to stay while it was getting repairs done. We, my sister, dad, and I, all went out to REI for a quick shop,which actually wasn't that quick, then we went to a water theme park for a bit of fun and excitement . Overall I had a good time, although I felt as if I spent more time in line waiting to go onto the rides than I did on the rides. Which is how it is I suppose. Also, at the theme park that I went to they made you pay for everything. And I'm not exaggerating. First you had to pay for parking if you planned on parking, then there was admission for getting into the park, then there was the inflatable tubes that you had to pay even more money to rent out for if you wanted to go onto the water slides. Not to mention lockers as well, which you also needed to pay to rent out for if you needed to space your belongings.

Apart from all the costs, however, I had a pretty enjoyable time. I went on a a few of the different water rides and also a few of the non water rides. I have to say though I enjoyed the roller coaster the most. It was awesome!!

And after finishing up at the theme park my dad took my sister and me back to see the ship that he is currently working and staying on.

I enjoyed the little tour immensely. I got to see all the different parts of the ship and where my dad works and stays when he's not working which was very interesting.

Then we all decided to go out for a bite to eat at Denny's!

And then after a lovely meal with my father and sister we dropped my dad off back at his ship, said goodbye and then drove home.

What an amazing Sunday!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing you back here again soon!

Aimee :)

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