Hello Everyone!

So... IT'S OCTOBER! Yay!

October has to be one of my most favorite months of the year as it's the beginning of Fall and I love Fall.

Now because it's October I have decided to go ahead and do VEDO (video/vlog every day in October). Along with VEDO I have also decided to do BEDO (blog every day in October). So throughout the month of October there will be new videos on my YouTube channel and a new blog post right here on this blog!

The first two videos should be up by the end of today. I filmed the first one yesterday but I only got round to editing it this morning and the second one still needs to be done but it should be up by the end of today along with the first one. After today there should be one VEDO video every day and on some days a VEDO video plus a regular video. But that all depends on how busy I am. The same schedule also goes for my blogs for on here. With the exception that I will most likely do only one blog post a day.

So that's all I wanted to say for today. I'm hoping to get some pictures take for my future blog posts so that you don't have just a screen full of words. Keep an eye out for those!

Hope you're having a wonderful October,

Aimee :)

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