OKAY. Here I Go Again


I'm sorry. There I said it. And I truly am. I am sorry that I have been so busy and have not had time to continue with my blog as much as I would have liked to. Same goes for my YouTube Channel as I have no been doing well with that either. Yikes. 

I know that "you're not supposed to apologize" for things like this but hey I did it anyway because I care. 

Now onto what I haven't been updating you on but will be updating you on right now....

Right.... where to start....

I know! 

Let's talk about school first... 


Well at the moment I am doing pretty well in school. I am enjoying all my classes and my first quarter is almost finished. Wow it went by quickly! And I will soon be signing up for my next quarter of classes. Not much else to say about it other than it is taking up a lot of my time and I wish that it wasn't. But oh well, there's not much I can do about that. 


Don't even get me started on work. Okay, so here's the thing... I like my work. I like what I do and I like my co-workers, the environment is eh, I mean I work in a fast food restaurant so it is what it is. However I don't love work. Just like anything else it has it's ups and downs. Such as my co-workers are really nice, the customers are always a pleasure to talk to, and I enjoy the overall task of what my job is . However, I don't like the rude customers, and how the company that I am working for is operating. Now I need to tread lightly here as if I say too much about how I feel I might risk getting fired possibly. (I don't even know if anyone from work even reads my blog but if they do then "hey!")
To be honest the whole system seems really unorganized and unprofessional. For example some days are really slow days when lot's of people are on the clock but because it's so slow people start getting sent home or are told that they are allowed to clock off. Then when we become busy all of a sudden and we have barely anyone working, so then even more people get called in and then when we're not busy we end up with a ton of people who aren't needed working again. It's confusing and also a total mess. So to sum it all up. Work is eh. Also takes up a larger amount of my time, but hey I need the money. 

Other Activities 

Now I didn't really know what exactly to label this last section so hopefully "Other Activities" will suffice. So let's start with one of my favorite activities singing lessons. 

I have been loving singing lessons. I love my singing/voice coach as she is absolutely wonderful and is definitely helping me be the best singer I can be. I know it sounds cheesy but it's completely true. I look forward to singing lessons as I have them every other Monday. Which means that I have them today! And I can't wait. 
Side Note: Ever since I was little I have always wanted to learn how to sing properly. I love drama and in particular musicals. (Next year I will be auditioning for the musical "Into the Woods." More on that later.) But I have never had the courage to audition for a musical or sing in public because of my fear that I will sound awful. Thankfully my voice coach has really helped me out as I am now getting the courage and have found out that I am actually pretty good. Not to brag or anything. So yeah, I am loving them and look forward to become better with each and every lesson. 

Next I want to talk about the play that I am currently in... Romeo & Juliet! 

I'm pretty sure I may have mentioned this before on my blog but if I haven't then I'll just start out by saying that I am in Romeo and Juliet as a Citizen of Verona, which by the way is a very important role. Yes, I would have loved to have been Juliet but thank goodness I wasn't cast as her as her line load is huge and I have very little time as it is! In fact it's so big that two actresses are sharing that role and will be switching her part from performance to performance.  

I am also loving rehearsing for R&J. I have learn't two dances and about three songs so far so things are going extremely well. I also hope to start vlogging and blogging about it. I just need to start recording videos and taking pictures. Overall I am having a great amount of fun with it. The cast is awesome and Romeo is quite good looking so I have some nice eye candy.That's always a plus. xD

That's going to be pretty much it for now. I am actually really surprised at how long this blog post is. I didn't expect it to be this length. Nice. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here tomorrow! 

P.S. Keep a lookout for my R&J blog post updates if you're interested! 

Aimee :D

Feeling: Happy and tired. 

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