Ending The Quarter | Blogmas Day Five

One of my favorite drinks of the season!


So before I officially begin this post I would just like to apologize for the lateness of it. I have been studying for finals, working, helping tidy up the house as well as packing for the trip that I will be taking which is now in seven days! So things have been pretty hectic! However, to make up for this lost time I have decided to write two blog posts today and two blog posts tomorrow and hopefully that should have me caught up.

However the same won't be going for vlogams as that's a completely different story....

Anyway, today I wanted to just basically try and catch you up on what's being going on. SO the past few days in Washington have looked pretty much like this:


Which means I have been inside like this: 


So that's been fun.

I just wish it would snow though... well part of me does anyway. The other part of me is just wishing it would stop raining and actually fears for snow. The main reason for that is if it snows they could possibly be a delay for the flight and to be honest I really don't want that to happen.

Apart from the rain though life has been pretty swell. Busy, but swell nonetheless.

I took my finale this morning for Biology and I feel like it went really well. Hopefully my results show that I did!

As far as work goes it's been pretty good as well. A few days ago I made quite a large tip, larger than any I've made so far... I think. So that was exciting!

I am also still as stoked as ever for my flight to the U.K! I can't wait! :D

That's going to be it for now! I will have another blog post coming out later so if you're interested in reading that one then definitely keep an eye out for it. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!


  1. From where I am it's either sunny or raining. Whenever I read posts like this that talk about snow, I can't help but wonder how that would feel like especially on Christmas!


    1. On Christmas snow just makes the day feel just a bit more magical. Although there are many pros and cons to snow, but I won't get into those. I used to live in the Middle East, however, where it never snowed. So come Christmas, or winter in general, it wasn't the winter wonderland that I somewhat know of today. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest and in a state where it's known to be wet and rainy, it would be nice to get some. I will be visiting the U.K. this Christmas though so if nothing happens here I am hopefully that it might over there. :)


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