I'm Leaving in 10 Days | Blogmas Day Four

Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane!


So if you are new to my blog and/or my Youtube channel then you don't yet know, that in about ten days I will be flying to the U.K to visit my family for over Christmas break which is VERY exciting.

I love to visit the U.K because it's where I am from and also because it's so very different from the U.S. even though some might say that Seattle is like a miniature version of London, which I can understand.

I don't get to go back often and when I do visit I like to make the most of my trip. The thing that makes this trip so very special though is that I'm going back during the Christmas season. I don't remember the last time I visited the U.K or my relatives during the Christmas. I think the last time I was there during the Holiday season must have been when I was a wee baby, which of course I have very little recollection of.

Now as much as I love going to visit my family there are a few things that I must admit about flying, as I have never been a fan of airplanes.

Lack of Space: 

The first thing is the whole lack of space area. I mean, it wouldn't be a problem if I could afford first class as they have freaking beds in their area, but alas I can't and have to endure the very minimal space given to me in passenger or passenger plus. I'm a person who enjoys her space and relishes in stretching and being able to feel comfortable and at ease, so the lack space between seats for me just doesn't float well in my boat.

Ear Popping 

My ears pop during landing, not so much take off. It hurts. Sometimes it makes me cry. I really wish they didn't. End of story.

Crying Baby's

I love children as I am a frequent babysitter... but please if you have a child who you know is a bit to young to be traveling on an airplane please don't bring them with you unless you absolutely have to. Thanks.

The Window and Middle Seat

I highly prefer the outside seat, next to the isle. In fact I am pretty sure most people do, I mean it's either that seat of the window seat. But like I mentioned before, if i'm going to be traveling on an airplane for 8 straight plus hours I'd prefer not to be squished in the middle or next to the window. Especially since, for some bizarre reason I am constantly needing to use the ladies room and having to climb over and past people sucks.


Now I don't want this post to be any more negative than it already is so I'm just going to end with the complaints and focus on the fact that even though there are things that I don't like about flying getting to my destination is always worth it.

Overall I am stocked and I can't wait. There are going to be a lot of great things coming to you this blogmas and vlogmas so stick around because you most likely won't want to miss them!

Thanks for reading todays blog post and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!

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  1. long flights are the worst, so jealous you're spending christmas there though!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I love going back and visiting family! And doing it at Christmas time makes it all the more special. :)


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