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So I finally made it to my destination! With quite the journey... Let me start from the very beginning.

We left the house and headed to the airport after having the house /dog/cat sitter come to pick us up. Earlier that morning I still had a bit of packing to do, so I got that done before I left which was somewhat stressful but defiantly manageable.

We got the ferry over to Seattle and my mother treated me and my sister to some chocolate coffee muffins. Which looked like this:

And yes they taste as good as they look. :)

The after the ferry ride we had to catch the light rail which is what then would take us the airport. That was a fun little journey.


Once we had all arrived at the airport we had to get our boarding passes, go through security, and do that whole mumbo jumbo. Once that was sorted out we all decided to go and do a bit of shopping at a store called FireWorks. I ended up getting a few last minute presents from there. After our shopping we then headed to the airport terminal and waited there for about half an hour before boarding.

Now let me talk about what the flight was like. The first one which took us to London was alright. There was a good selection of movies and television shows, I slept alright, and was pretty much comfortable for the entire journey. The food was also okay, better than what I thought I would get. The only bad/sad thing about that flight was the fact that I left my scarf on the plane after I left. I'm still hoping I can get it back. Fingers crossed!


Then came the second flight that was to take us up to Scotland. That one was a bit worse. For one my ears ended up hurting a lot, which caused me to cry a bit. Yes, you probably think I'm a bit of a wimp but it did hurt a lot. I did manage to sleep on that flight as well but it was harder because of my ear pain.

After that flight we were all met by my grandmother who picked us all up and drove us home.

The day did have it's ups and downs. I forgot to mention that I had a couple of things taken away from me while going through security in London because they were too big. But eh, it happens.

That's all for now. I hope to update my blog a lot within the next few weeks so keep an eye out for new blog posts!

I hope to see you back here again soon,

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