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Something you may not know about me is that I love mugs. I love all the different shapes and sizes they can come in as well as all the different designs. If I were to be a collector of anything then it would definitely be mugs. Not only do I love mugs but I also love tea and coffee too. So what better a combination than these two things? I know, I'm a little weird because of my love for mugs. But hey, I love what I love.

Now as it's the festive season I thought I would give you ideas for some presents for mug lovers. So I'm share with you some of my favorite mugs in the hope that you may get some good ideas. I do have a lot so trying to choose some of my favorites was really hard but I hope you get something out of this!

So without further ado.....

Here we go!

The first mug that I want to show you would be my classic, large, red mug. I love this one because of how simple and big it is. If I'm ever feeling like I need a big cup of tea then this is the mug that I would choose. It's also really comfortable to hold. And is perfect for the festive season! 

Big Red Mug: HERE

KitKats are my favorite chocolate so of course when I saw this mug I knew I had to get it. It's a great size as well. I love it!

KitKat Mug: I tried to find a link to a website where you could possibly get one but all I found were EBay listings. So if you'd also like one you could look there.

Pugs and mugs? Who would have thought that putting them together create such a cute combo? This mug has this picture on both sides which is nice because I like it when mugs have that. 

Pug On A Mug: HERE

I was actually really happy when I saw this mug as I was looking for a nice mug with an A on it. This mug actually reminds me of a Beauty and the Beast style of mug... maybe because of the handle. I like this mug because of the style. It's just so unique.

Letter A Mug: HERE (Not exactly the same but pretty close.)

This has to be one of my top favorites. I love how the mug is basically an octopus. Mugs like these are why I love mugs. The handle is very comfy to hold and it has quite a lot of room for any hot beverage. It also does sit nicely even though it doesn't have a flat bottom.

Octopus Mug: HERE

Another mug which I like because of it's simplicity. Green is one of my favorite colors and I just think that XOXO is kinda cute. I don't know... I just really like it.

XOXO Mug: HERE (I couldn't find the exact mug so here are a few)

As I am a bit of nerd I knew that this would be a great addition to my collection. It's awesome because of the magic of the TARDIS. Once you pour hot liquid into this cup the TARDIS moves from one side of the cup to the other. It's awesome!


I hope you have some new ideas! Let me know which mug was your favorite. :)

Thanks for reading this blog post! And I hope to see you back here tomorrow!

Thank you,

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