Nerves and Not Knowing



So today's post is a bit in the spare of the moment kind of post. Meaning that I haven't planned for what I wanted to write about, I'm just going to write as my thoughts flow through my brain.

At the current moment I am sitting at a table in the Student Center which is one of the buildings at my school and I am feeling as nervous as can be.

I sometimes feel like this right before I take a test or an audition. But neither of those have to do with how I am feeling right now... sort of.

You see, yesterday I had an audition for the play "Into the Woods" it's a play that I love and I have seen done before, both the movie version and the play version. And I love it to pieces.

I had been preparing for this audition for some time now and yesterday was the big day. My audition was.. well... it was okay. I can't say that I wasn't nervous, because I was. I just hope my nerves didn't get into the way too much with what I can do as an actress. I had a song prepared, which I sang well, and I had to also sing some notes but some I didn't hit as well as I know I could have. For the most part some parts of my audition were actually fine and some were well "meh". (Don't mind me rambling and not making sense)

Anyway you're probably wondering why that has anything to do with why I'm nervous right now. Well... today is the day of callbacks and I am really, really, really, really, hoping I receive a call.

I feel like my audition was one that could have either impressed or not impressed the director. Basically my fate could go one of two ways right now. Either I could get the call, which would end up with me jumping for joy through the roof for getting a second chance, or I could not get a call and be, well, I'd be pretty upset.

The thing is I know I can sing the songs for the part I am hoping for (Little Red Riding Hood) and I know I can sing them well. But auditions are always nerve wracking and not as comfortable as callbacks could be because of all the people that turn up. Which causes one to feel nervous. Also sometimes when I audition I am worrying about how well I do, which sometimes messes me up. Which isn't good.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out of my system and now that I have I feel a bit better.

And I know that it's going to be okay if I don't get a call. I just really hope I do get one though so I can really show the director what I can do. Fingers crossed! :)

Thanks for reading my spare of the moment post!

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings!

Hope to see you again soon,


  1. Good luck with getting a call back! :) xx

    1. Thank you! I never got a call back but that's completely fine! I think nerves got in the way of my audition and I freaked out a bit when it came to some of the different parts. The annoying thing is that I know that I can sing back the notes, as I had singing lessons yesterday and did really well with that, so it's just a learn from your mistakes kind of situation. :)

  2. Good luck! hope you'll get the call back, and you have an amazing blog. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. Thank you! And yes, I would love to! Love your blog post about Seattle by the way! I love going there when I can. :)

  3. Good luck sweetie♥


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