Recently I have been unable to find time to sit down and blog. Which sucks because of how much I love to blog. I have been super busy with school, homework, rehearsal, and work, that I haven't felt like I've had a free moment to myself much, if at all.

Anyway, putting that aside I'm glad that I have finally found a moment to make a new post. :D

Now, you may be wondering why I have titled this blog post 'Tired'... well the reason for that is because I have recently been, well, very tired.

Because of the huge load of things I have to do in my day to day life by the end of the day I am 110% done/dead.

To give you a better perspective of what my day looks like here is a short and simple overview:

  • School
  • Rehearsal
  • Home 
Now it may not seem like a huge horrific schedule but what's not included in there are the little things, like homework, or walking the dog at 4 am, getting ready to go to school, driving places, ect...

So yeah, by the end of the day I am just... exhausted. 

Or if I were to use this scale....


I would say I'm dead. 

To make matters slightly worse as well, this week is hell week, rehearsal wise, and that means I'm not home until 11 pm each night, and that's on a good day. 

By the time I get home, my bed to me is like heaven with pillows. 


This is a literal GIF of me on those days. 

So yes, that's pretty much what I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping that my schedule will soon get better for the future!

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope to see you back here again soon! 

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