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How are you doing? I hope you're well! Life for me at the moment has been pretty busy. As I have started back at college and I am also in a play! Which if you couldn't already tell by the title of this blog post and the picture above is The Little Mermaid. :)

I just wanted to sit down with a nice cup of tea and write a simple blog post about life. I honestly miss being able to sit down and blog and I am really hoping I can get my butt back in gear and start doing what I love again, Which for me is vlogging, making YouTube videos, and blogging. As well as traveling, exploring the outdoors, and just letting go. Gosh, I sound like I'm writing an about me for a dating profile or something...

However that is pretty much what I intend on trying to accomplish. :)

Now onto life and what's been going on with that...

Well firstly, I have started another quarter of college! Which is very exciting. I (so far) am loving all my classes and am having a blast learning all about new things! It's great. I can't wait to see what is in store for me!!

The second thing I wanted to chat about tonight (I say tonight as it's currently 9;20 pm where I am right now) was my job. However, I'm going to have to put that subject on hold as this subject is a bit iffy at the moment. Once I've got everything sorted out with this topic I'll be sure to come back to it. Just know that everything is good. I just need to figure a few things out.

And lastly I wanted to talk about the play I am in which is The Little Mermaid.
I have always loved the Disney movie version of The Little Mermaid, heck I've loved all the different variations of that tale. Which makes being in this production really freaking awesome. I am apart of the Ensemble, which I have to admit, I thought wasn't going to be as fun as possibly getting a leading role, but it is! In the last play I was in, Romeo & Juliet, I was in the Ensemble as well so at first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be apart of the Ensemble yet again, but I thought I would because I've never acted at the theater that the production is being presented at and because being in the Ensemble is actually really fun. One of my favorite parts about it is getting to be a variety of different characters. I love it so much. :)

I think I'm going to wrap it up here as I can feel my eyes starting to water up. Oh boy.

Thank you for reading tonight blog post!

I hope you see you back here again soon,

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