Starting My Summer!


I am finally ready to make somewhat of a comeback to this blog! Summer has just begun and what better time to do that than now?

So to get this post started I wanted to talk about my trip to Vashon Island with my family. Which I took a few days ago.

The day started out as a sunny one, which was a good thing considering most of that day was spent outside.

The beginning of my day started with getting the ferry. In order to get to Vashon Island from where I live a ferry ride is required.

On the ferry my mum treated all of us to a muffin. It was delicious! The flavor was almond poppy-seed. So good! 

The first stop on Vashon Island that we all went to was the farmers market.

Now, something you may not know about me is that I quite enjoy going to farmers markets. The smell of the freshly baked goods, the noise of the excited people who walk around in anticipation of what that might find, and the sight of children laughing and the smiles of happy customers. It's amazing. 

As I wondered around the farmers market with my family I saw many awesome stalls and signs as well. This was one from my favorite stand. 

After browsing around the farmers market the next place that we went to was a little coffee shop which had a huge wall of great smelling teas and a little cafe included. To be honest, it has to be one of my favorite places to go when I visit Vashon Island. 

 After the little stop at the tea shop, my family and I decided to go to a little store down the road that was is known as a general store. I didn't get any pictures of it from the inside but I did grab a snapshot of it from the outside.

This store is really cool. It's got all kinds of gadgets and gizmos. I love visiting it when I go on trips to Vashon Island. 

After going to the general store, we took a break and went to a nearby beach. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures as I forgot but it was nice to relax there for a bit. We couldn't stay there or long though as Max, my puppy, started to get riled up by the other dogs who started showing up. So we left and went to find somewhere to eat. 

On the way back we found an awesome restaurant called Zombies. 

I have stayed on Vashon Island on holiday before, but I have never actually tried this restaurant so getting to go here and try it was really exciting. The menu for this restaurant was basically your average burgers and milkshakes sort of deal. I decided to go with a long time favorite of mine, fish and chips alongside a nice cup of frozen lemonade. The fries by the way were amazing!

Then after a quick bit to eat it was time to head home.

And that was basically my trip to Vashon! I honestly love going on small adventures to places like this and getting to spend the day doing something and exciting. I am definitely someone who loves going on adventures.

I did vlog my trip, and in that vlog I did show the beach trip I went on as well as a few other good things that weren't included in this blog post. So once I get that set up and put together it will be posted down below.

Thanks for reading today's post and I have to see you again soon!


  1. Looks like you had a really fun day! Thanks for sharing. I hope you had a great time out with your family and a happy summer. :) x

  2. Looks like you had a really fun day! Thanks for sharing. I hope you had a great time out with your family and a happy summer. :) x


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