Favourite Festive Films | Blogmas Day 3


Today I am going to be making a list and writing to you about of some of my favorite festive films.

Let's goooo!

1) Elf


2) Love Actually


3) Home Alone


4) Polar Express


5) Disney's A Christmas Carol

I enjoy watching all of these movies during the holidays because each movie is so different but they are also so enjoyable. As you can see most of my choices are comedies but who can blame me? I love to laugh. And what better way to do so than watching a Christmas themed comedy during the holidays?

I hope you like my list. I'd love to know what Christmas movies are your favorites to watch during the festive season. Let me know in the comments down below!

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope to see you back here for blogmas day 4!

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