My Wishlist... Sort of. | Blogmas Day 5



Today I was going to write out a blog post about my wishlist when I realized that I didn't really have a very large wishlist. So instead of just skipping today and not making a blog post I have decided to share a few of the things that I am really hoping for for Christmas.

The first thing I am hoping for is a HP Sprocket.

I love this little device... would you call it that? Basically, what the HP Sprocket is is a mini portable printer that one can use to print pictures with from their phone. I love the idea of this and I am really hoping to receive one for Christmas.

Another thing that is on my wishlist is, of course, gift cards.

Gift cards are always a nice thing to be given. Especially since I'm sometimes hard to shop for. :)

And the last thing I am going to be mentioning on my list are books

I am a huge bookworm and books are something that I love to get at Christmas time.

That's about it for today's post. I apologize for the fact that it was a bit lame. I know tomorrows post will be a lot better.

Thank you for reading today's post and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow for blogmas day 6!

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