What I'm looking forward to | Blogmas Day One


And happy first of December! And happy blogmas as well!

I am very excited to get this post up and running! December is definitely one of my favorite months and I love the festivities that come with it. :)

So without further ado let's get started on today's post!

Today I wanted to share with you what I am looking forward to this month and why I am looking forward to those things.

Let's begin!

1) The first thing I am looking forward to is, of course, blogmas!

I love blogging, however as some of you know I don't often have time to sit down and write a worthy blog post. So when blogmas comes around I know I can count on having some time to write festive posts.

2) Another thing I am looking forward to is getting to use the fireplace.

So this may seem like a strange thing to look forward to doing but hear me out. What I mean by that is that I am looking forward to being able to snuggle by the fire with a good book, under a blanket, with a nice cup of chocolate or some tea. To be honest this is one of my favorite things to do during the winter.

3) Speaking of which.... Getting to drink hot chocolate during the holidays is a definite yes by me.

Whether it's boiling some water or milk at home for a nice cup of homemade hot chocolate or treating myself to a delicious drink from the many choices at Starbucks, I always have time for a warm beverage. 

4) Snow.... When when I can get it.

I live in a part of the world where it's really a coin toss when it comes to whether or not it will snow during the winter time. However, when it does I love to go outside and try as many fun things as possible that one can with snow. Like building snowmen or making snow angels.

5) The festive season makes a perfect excuse to watch holiday movies.


Now I'm not saying that excuses to watch Christmas movies are needed, necessarily. But it is a nice touch to add to the holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed my little list! I really enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for reading and I hope I can see you back here for blogmas day two!

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