Happy (Late) 2017


And happy late 2017! (....I know I'm a terrible at being consistent)

As you can probably tell I took a bit of a break for a couple of months and now I have returned. Life has been a bit busier recently and now that I have some more time I have decided to come back to my blog. I hate that I take so many long breaks so often but until I finish school I suppose that that's the way it is going to be. I hope I don't have the need to stop blogging anymore and that I can continue to write my posts daily, as I would love to.

So, what's new? To be honest not a whole lot. I am still working away at getting school completed and I am also on the search for another job so I can continue to further my education. Sounds very smart, doesn't it?

Apart from those couple of things, I am pretty much living the same life that I was two months ago. I'm happy, stressed, tired, and occasionally quite emotional. Life at the moment is a bit of a roller coaster and I am trying to make the most of both the ups and downs. :)

My aim now though is to continue to make posts about whatever I like and to do it daily. That's my goal and I am hopeful that I can accomplish it. If I can't make posts daily, for whatever reason, I hope to make at least a few every week. But I'm aiming for at least one each day.

Thank you for sticking with me, lovely readers. And I look forward to continuing forward with this blog.

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