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Hey there! 

If you have happened to have stumbled upon this page then welcome. This is where I keep my (hopeful) future endeavors/things that I really want to do and/or accomplish. A.K.A my bucket list. 

So you're probably wondering how to read this bucket list. And if you're not then eh, I'm just going to tell you anyway.

It's VERY simple. All the activities/things that I have already done will be in bold lettering. And hopefully linked to a blog post in which I talk about how completing that bucket list goal was. 

Everything else will be in regular font. 

I also wanted to just quickly explain that the reason I am creating a bucket list for my blog is so that I have a bit more motivation to continue with it. I honestly love blogging but have had very little time to do it so hopefully with a bucket list and some set goals in mind I will be able to continue on strongly. 

So without further ado here is my bucket list (in no particular order): 

♥ Experience the Northern Lights
♥ Learn to play the piano
♥ Go stargazing
♥ Run a 5k
♥ Make my own cook book
♥ Write a novel
♥ Learn to drive
♥ Keep a journal for an entire year
♥ Learn to play the ukulele
♥ Help the homeless
♥ Ride in a hot air balloon
♥ Skydive
♥ Go to a YouTube convention
♥ Go cliff jumping
♥ Go zip lining
♥ Play hide and seek in IKEA
♥ Make a stranger smile
♥ Have a beach picnic
♥ Go whale watching
♥ Go on a mini road trip
♥ Go on a cruise
♥ Buy a homeless person a full meal
♥ Own a puppy of my own
♥ Get my own apartment
♥ Go to the top of the Eiffel tower
♥ Meet my online friend (Nicole)
♥ Perform in more than 50+ plays
♥ Try a new exotic food
♥ Create a new flavor of ice cream and/or gelato
♥ Do something spontaneous
♥ Visit Ireland
♥ Act in a Film
♥ Swim with dolphins
♥ Ride a segway
♥ Ride the London Eye 

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  1. Love this!! <3

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